The new work of Veza Fernández is a do it yourself dance theater for and about the ballerina, her/their emancipatory power, the expression of her/their desires and the urgency to get together when hope starts fading away. Wenn Auge Mund wird is the attempt to create a new feminist representation of the Ballerina, so her role in Society can be empowered, extended and loaded with old and new meanings. It is the celebration of collective plurality, hybridity and togetherness through scenic form and through the cast of 12 quite different performers. Some of them work in the dance scene, some of them work in the queer scene, some are younger than others, some bigger than others, some don´t identify as women… But all of believe in utopic possibilities of the collective and choreographic for women and queer persons and in the cathartic power of drama.

Raw Showing 18 March 18:00 Chateau Rouge Schönbrunnerschloßstr. 17, 1120 Wien


12,13,14,18,19,20 April 20:00 Casino Baumgarten / Linzer Str. 297, 1140 Wien

A Tears and Drama production with support of brut Vienna, Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien, Nada Lokal, Brick 5, Chateau Rouge


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