Remember, 100 years of women right to vote... What about now?

Salon Souterrain


Remember, 100 years of women right to vote…

What about now?


The right to vote for women now seems to us an obvious right. However, we have to remember that women did not obtain it until the end of the 19th century. Before only men could vote. The first country to grant women the right to vote was New Zealand in 1893. Austria has granted it only in 1918 and France in 1946. This 100 years anniversary raises a lot questions.


What is the evolution of the women’s vote? When we look at voter lists, are women the majority? If so, how to explain the current evolution? If they register and vote, it means that the current situation suits them. This means that few women manifest the will to be in the Spotlight and lead. Why ?


One of the most powerful women in the world governs Germany. However, in the Bundestag the proportion of women has fallen again since the 2017 federal elections, from 36 to just over 30 percent. If we look at the different political parties, which one has the most women in positions of responsibility and in positions to obtain mandates through elections? And the questions is the same as far as the number of women represented in other high-level public offices is concerned.


When one considers this reality, one can perhaps come to the conclusion that progressivity is the fruit of a minority. On the subject of minorities, there is another minority of women who are not often mentioned and who are active, who participate in the life of society: all foreign women living in Austria. What does Austrian and European legislation say about their ability to participate in public life and debate? When they are non-Austrian but European and when they are not Austrian but not European



11th of May 2019



Künstlerhaus, Stolberggasse 26 1050 Wien



Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe

Lena Fankhauser


CONCERT : Koehne Quartet




Joanna Lewis-  She was born in Adelaide, Australia and studied violin, cello and composition in Adelaide and violin with Spiros Rantos in Queensland. Ms. Lewis then received a scholarship to study at the Hochschule for music and performance Arts in Vienna with Günther Pichler. She is the founder of the Koehne Quartet and has played with many ensembles such as RSO Wien, Ensemble Kontrapunkte and the Vienna Symphony.


Diane Pascal-  She is an American violinist who studied at the Juilliard School in New York and the Curtis Institute of Music with Ivan Galamian and Jascha Brodsky. She then continued studying with Sandor Vegh at the the Mozarteum in Salzburg. From 1996-2002 she was the first violinist of the Lark Quartet later becoming a member of the Rosamunde Quartet and has played with many ensembles including Camerata Salzburg and the Haydn Philharmonie.


Lena Fankhauser-  She is violist born in Montreal, Canada with a  Bachelor and Master‘s degree from the Juilliard School of Music in New York.  After receiving a scholarship for a post-graduate with Prof. Thomas Riebl at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, she played with Camerata Salzburg. In Vienna, she has played with many orchestras and ensembles including, Volksoper Vienna, Klangforum and RSO Vienna.  She is currently a member of the Burgtheater and Koehne Quartet. Lena Fankhauser is the founder of her Verein, (CH)AMBER, an association for new music and is co-founder of Salon Souterrain.


Alison Frilingos-  She is an Australian cellist born in Sydney.  After receiving a scholarship, she completed her Bachelor of Music Degree at the Australian Institute of Music. She then moved to Vienna to continue her studies at the University of Music and Performance Arts Vienna.  She has played regularly with ensembles such as the Volksoper Vienna, RSO Vienna and is a member of the Vienna Chamber Orchestra.



Concert moderated by :


Ulla Pilz:

She is an ORF Austrian Radio journalist, singer, cabaret artist and music educator for radio and TV.  She has collaborated numerous times as stage director and author for music educational projects. Since 2015, she is senior lecturer at the University of Graz.

PROGRAM: list of composers

Sofia Gubaidulina-Tatar, Russia

Philip Glass-Baltimore, USA

Manuela Kerer-Brixen, Italy …




God´s Entertainment/Karl Wratschko : Art –installation

The collective who transcendates conventions of theatre. GE works in the area of performance, happening, visual arts and sound. GE attempts permanently to re-define the term performance, and to equip it with relevance in relation to contemporary theatre and other media. Their work confronts Austria’s political and cultural identity. This is permanently understood as criticism of a social surrounding in different areas and demonstrated in their works. GE don’t only use the theatre stage as playground for performances – actions take place in public space. The most important point, characterizing most of their works, is the fact that they include the audience actively.


Eric ABROGOUA : Performance : “Fuck Codes  and Containment”

Born in Abidjan (Ivory Coast), grew up on three continents, between his native country (Côte d’Ivoire- Africa), the USA (Washington D.C/ New York City) and France (Tours/ Paris). Trained in classical and modern dance with Jacques Laurent Madiba (Abidjan) and acting (Cours Florent –France). Based in Paris since 2004. He has been developing his practice as an artist and performer working around gender, identity, uprooting and displacement. As a solo artist, he is currently working on «V.B.S.S»*( Violence, Boxes, Sex in Society.), an ode to our social plurality on interviews with members of the Afro and L.G.B.T.I.Q community from here ( France) and moreover ( America, Africa). For the year 2019, planning contribution to Nio Far Festival (Paris –France) revisiting afrodescendants’ notions on sexuality, curated by Françoise Vergès and Pier Ndoumbe. Will be part of S_P_I_T festival on performing and some publishing regarding Queer and minorities…




Amani Abu Zahra, philosophe, writer

Amani Abuzahra studied philosophy and intercultural studies at the University of Vienna and Salzburg.

She is a writer, activist and public speaker.

Recent publication: „Mehr Kopf als Tuch. Muslimische Frauen am Wort“ (Muslim women speaking up)


Denise Vandecruze, computer engineer

Denise Vandecruze is Guyanese-born, first-generation American who was raised as a “third-culture” child in New York city. Her social awareness was initially inspired as a tool for navigating her own identities with respect to location as she went on to live in many cities including Washington DC, Seattle, Mexico City, Durham, Berlin and Vienna. She is especially interested in the ways that race and nationalities are connected in the collective imaginations and how this plays out in the lives of black people living in Europe.

She attended Howard University, a historically black university in Washington DC and studied Chemical Engineering. As a queer woman, she has had to find ways to advocate for change in sustainable ways.

She was able to witness the power of documentary film while working at Student Action with Farmworkers which is housed in The Center for Documentary Studies in Duke University. Documentary methods were used as a fusion of art and activism in ways that spoke to her calling as an artist. She has been working in the documentary form ever since.

She has been active in progressive communities in Europe since I moved to Berlin in 2008. She started a social gathering called Black Star Brunch as an opportunity for black people in Berlin to meet each other in an informal, family-friendly environment. When she moved to Vienna in 2013, she continued this engagement. She contributed technical expertise to many activists and projects. Through this work she has developed a passion for documenting the Afro-European experience. She work as a web designer and specialize in multilingual websites and interactive platforms


Gerd Valchars, political scientist

Gerd Valchars is a political scientist with a research focus on citizenship and electoral rights, migration, the Austrian and the European political system. He holds a PhD in political science and a Master’s degree in political science and communications science from the University of Vienna. Gerd Valchars is lecturing at the Department of Political Science and the Department of Development Studies of the University of Vienna and at the Institute of Educational Sciences and Research of the University of Klagenfurt. Since 2012 he is Country Expert Austria for the Global Citizenship Observatory ( at the European University Institute and since 2017 he is Country Coordinator Austria for the European Web Site on Integration (EWSI), run by the Migration Policy Group ( He contributed to the latest update of the Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX IV) and from 2006 to 2009 he has been working as a researcher at the Institute for European Integration Research at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and from 2007 to 2008 he was visiting researcher at the University of Toronto, Department of Political Science.

Gerd Valchars is member of [KriMi] – Arbeitsgruppe Kritische Migrationsforschung, a working group on critical migration research and honorary member of board of the non-governmental organisations Initiative Minderheiten. Platform for minorities in Austria.


Tim Voss, Kunsthlerhaus Director

Tim Voss has joined Vienna’s Künstlerhaus Wien as its artistic director. The historic exhibition center has been operated by the Association of Austrian Artists, which is the oldest active artists’ society in Austria, since 1869. According to Monopol, Voss was selected from sixty-two international candidates and began his post on February 1.

According to a statement issued by Künstlerhaus Wien, the board selected Voss because of his track record of managing different art institutions that were in various phases of transition, his background as an artist, and his experience with self-managed project spaces in Hamburg. Previously, Voss held executive positions at the Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof in Hamburg, Germany; the Künstlerhäuser Worpswede in Worpswede, Germany; and W139 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Voss will be the first artistic director responsible solely for the venue’s programming. While Doris Rothauer and Peter Bogner were artistic directors at the Künstlerhaus Wien, they were also responsible for its business management and served as secretary generals.

Located on the historic Karlsplatz, the Künstlerhaus Wien has been closed for renovations since the fall of 2016. Its reopening is scheduled for spring 2019. Since construction began, the institution has been operating out of its temporary location, Künstlerhaus 1050. The art collection of Karlheinz Essl, acquired three years ago by the Künstlerhaus Wien’s majority shareholder, Hans-Peter Haselsteiner, will be on permanent display on the building’s ground floor when the exhibition center reopens.


Discussion moderated by:

François Luakabuanga,

Francois Luakabuanga is a freelance webdesigner and online communication consultant. He has studied webdesign at the “Centre des Arts et Métiers” in Lille (France) in 2010. He manage digital projects, whether it is the creation, realization or referencing of a website. He has also created videos for several bands such as JELP and Gowy in France.  DIG UP Productions in Wien.





FLO REAL’s musical roots can be found in soul, disco and the boogie funk sound of the 80s. Daddy’s vinyl treasure trove served as her first musical playground and in the 90’s she started digging for records at the Viennese institution of a recordstore called Black Market. Influenced by her environment and radio broadcasts such as Gilles Peterson’s “Worldwide Show”, Florence discovered a wide variety of electronic music and soon became a regular at the legendary Dub Club at Flex (as Da Nightnurse). In 2002 Flo landed a job as a record label assistant at Kruder & Dorfmeister‘s G-Stone Recordings. At the monthly G-Stone sessions Florence J. was introduced to a larger audience, playing warm ups for K&D and their international guests. In 2008 she joined the then newly founded Viennese private radio station 98.3 Superfly and hosted the Daytime show „Superfly Lounge“, Monday through Friday. Since 2010 Florence, who’s still still based in her hometown Vienna, has been traveling the globe alongside Kenny Dixon Jr. aka Moodymann. As his tour manager, security and support dj, Flo is known to rub shoulders with some of the biggest players in the Detroit scene. Away from the clubs and festival stages, she pulls strings as the label assistant for KDJ Records & Mahogani Music. As for her musical output, she claims to focus on „that good stuff”. Expect genre-fluid, spontaneous selections. Soul-Disco-Funk-House-Old School and Golden Era Hip Hop-90s RnB-Rare Grooves-80s Boogie-Electronica-Reggae-Dub-Jazz-Techno-howmuchtimewegot!? You get the picture. Always open to new sounds, Flo remains true to her roots. Flonuff, no funny stuff!




SALON SOUTERRAIN is a format of the underground art space CHATEAU ROUGE created by Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe and a response to the unbridled accentuation of the exclusionary dynamics, which have become the prerogative of our societies in Europe in partnership with Lena Fankhauser from the association (CH)AMBER.



In cooperation with: Künstlerhaus, Grüne Bildungswerkstat, Chateau Rouge, Association (CH)AMBER and Kulturen in bewegung – “Dis-Othering Beyond Afropolitan & other Labels” a Creative Europe collaborative project on the necessary deconstruction of ‘othering’ practices in European cultural institutions. Thanks for the support of Brunnenpassage



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