Countryless and Queer: Rituals of Relatedness by Masha G

The project “Countryless and Queer: Rituals of Relatedness” by Masha Godovannaya traces and redefines margins of queer existence and their intimate arrangements practiced by local queers who had/have/are having experiences of migration and who are finding their ways of navigating “the city of Vienna”.

Conceived as a dialogical art-based research (from/for/together with the queer people) the project asks questions of queer relatedness/mutuality of being, practices of survival, solidarity and support, and tries to reconfigure concepts of “queerness” outside of Western (predominantly white and Anglo-Saxon) paradigms.
Our mutual interaction has been forming an affective archive of complex, ambivalent, vivid, and poetic life narratives of migration and labor, relations to the city and society, strategies of integration and escape, sense of belonging and isolation, feeling at peace and of despairs.

“Countryless and Queer: Rituals of Relatedness” presents traces of our collaborative research, its polyphonic nature and rhizomatic storytelling. The multiplicity of voices collectively welcomes narratives and experiences from migrant queers to be heard: (re)imagine queer his*her*their*-stories – in, by, and for queer people from the margins.

The project is part of the kulturgemma grant 2018 in collaboration with the space Château Rouge that is an off space for performances and visual arts.

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