No Drama: Synchronous Acts of Silencing

The Austrian premiere of the vocal discharge „No Drama – Synchronous Acts of Silence“ by Alfred Jimenez

If words are sounds are they musical
or are they just noises?
And music
do we still have music?

Text by: My Roman Fagerlind
Music and concept: Alfred Jimenez
Commissioned by The Swedish Arts Committee.


refLEction refRAction difFRAction by Hunjoo Jung

“ In terms of musical aspect, this piece represents dark side of human being and relationship, which people don’t usually
want to talk and can’t talk. This performance will sonically addresses the savage, bestial, the seamy nature of man, and has increasingly revealed to audiences the darker side of human nature highlighting more than just our competitiveness, but also pettiness, and greed“


Schönnbrunner Schloß Straße 17


23 November 2019

Aperitif 18:45

Concert: 19:30


Hunjoo Jung – refLEction refRAction difFRAction

Bass clarinet – Szilard Benes
Live electronics & Voice – Hunjoo Jung

Alfred Jimenez – No Drama: Synchronous Acts of Silence

Conductor: Jaime Volfson
Bass Flute/Piccolo – Elena Gabbrielli
Bass Clarinet – Szilárd Benes
Voice: Elisabeth Ekberg, Mari Galambos Grue
Violoncello: Anna Maria Niemiec

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