Art, Music & Degustation (and a zest of Love)

Salon Souterrain: Art, Music & Degustation (and a zest of Love)
16.12.2022 / 19.30h
Château Rouge, Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 17, 1130 Wien


To celebrate the emotional year 2022, come to Château Rouge on Friday 16 of December!
This last meeting of the year will be placed under the sign of Performances , degustation and good music! Come and join us!

Lena Fankhauser (viola) – Jahson the Scientist (slam poetry) – Timor Litzenberger (DJ) – Alaingo Lammama ( dance ) – Evandro Pedroni ( perfromance/ installation) – black flowers (installation) – BOEM* (degustation)


Doors open at 19h !
In cooperation with AIL, Migrating kitchen, Chamber Music & Château Rouge
With friendly support by BMKÖS Bundesministerium für Kunst Kultur öffentlichen Dienst und Sport



Lena Fankhauser
is a violist of Trinidadian-Swiss heritage born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She started playing the violin at the age of 4. She has received both her Bachelor and Master’s degree from the Julliard School of Music in New York City on a full scholarship. Fankhauser has toured worldwide, across numerous genres, and played in many halls including New York’s Carnegie Hall, Suntory Hall in Tokyo and the Royal Albert Hall in London. As a passionate chamber musician, Lena Fankhauser founded a Chamber Music Festival in Bad Ischl and (CH)AMBER, an association for new chamber music. She is a founding member, contractor and manager of the film orchestra, Big Island Orchestra Vienna and a founding member and musical curator of Salon Souterrain.

Like Hamburg, Germany itself, Timor Litzenberger is a well-kept secret. He has been DJing, composing music and producing for around 35 years, he’s played at world-reknowned festivals and even scored some of your favorite films but still, most don’t know his name. This is not an oversight, rather his own design. While Timor loves playing in the spotlight, he has no desire to live there. He chooses instead a quiet life in Hamburg with his partner and 5 children.

So if you’re at the party and nobody knows who the DJ is and you just want to dance and dance til you throw up?

It’s probably Timor


Bi Zia Alain Irie aka ALAINGO ist Spezialist in der Kombination von Coupé Décalé-Bewegungen (ivorischer Tanzstil) mit Hiphop und verschiedensten Afrobeats. Alaingo trat in diversen ivorischen Fernsehshows auf und performte mit den berühmten Sängern Debordeaux Leekunfa und Fally Ippupa. In Frankreich gibt er regelmäßig Workshops und auch in der Pariser Urban Dance-Szene ist er verankert. Er ist seit 2016 Mitglied der Tanz und Theatergruppe LA FLEUR um die Regisseurin Monika Gintersdorfer in der Stück »Nana ou est-ce que tu connais le bara« zuletzt unter anderem am Theater Bremen zu sehen war.

Evandro Pedroni is a brazilian performer and choreographer based in Vienna. After concluding his studies in the Performance Major Program at SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (2013) he was a scholarship holder at TanzQuartier Wien (2013/2014). He developed his solo work “In The Eye of The Beholder” as part of Werkstück in TQW (2016) and he has received the START scholarship from the Austrian Federal Chancellery (2016). In 2017 he premiered “S/M – Stage/Made” in collaboration with Claire Lefèvre supported by Huggy Bears Arts Place, Wien Kultur and Brut Wien. He is featured in productions by Martin Nachbar, Oleg Soulimenko, Hubert Lepka, Stella Zannou, Milan Kozanek, Edan Gorlicki, SETanzTheater, Akemi Takeya, Elisabeth Tambwe, Cie. Willi Dorner, La_Trottrier Dance Collective and others. In 2020 he premiered his work “everything blue” in collaboration the Canadian choreographer Jasmine Ellis, fully funded by the City of Munich. Evandro’s work or collaborations have been showcased in several festivals such as Imagetanz (AT), Freier Tanz Delta VI (DE), PAD – Performance Art Depot (DE), FAKI 18 (HR) and has been supported by Tanzzentrale Nuremberg, Wien Kultur, WUK, Brut Wien, Huggy Bears Arts Place/Wien, Theater Felina-Areal (DE), HochX Theater und Live Art (Munich) and EinTanzHaus (Mannheim).
Bi Zia Alain Irie aka ALAINGO is a specialist in combining Coupé Décalé movements (Ivorian dance style) with hiphop and various Afrobeats. Alaingo has appeared in various Ivorian television shows and performed with the famous singers Debordeaux Leekunfa and Fally Ippupa. He regularly gives workshops in France and is also anchored in the urban dance scene in Paris. Since 2016, he has been a member of the dance and theatre group LA FLEUR and in the cast of director Monika Gintersdorfers play „Nana ou est-ce que tu connais le bara“.


die Kitchen – state of reconstruction –
we are changing, failing, morphing, but always tending towards developing a collective practice which doesn’t neglect economy. right now, February 2017 we try to establish a new economical base for our artistic and activistic struggle. You might, if you live in Vienna, visit our new project :

* is in a phase of transformation, and we’ll keen to reflect our first twelve years of activism and art.
We believe in order to contribute in the attempt to establish a different artistic and political practice, one which doesn’t sugarcoat or whitewash social conflicts, which is able rather to listen, than to lecture, a practice that avoids the trap of just pacifying conflicts – a different approach is necessary. We figure, that we have as well to change.

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