Smallforms mit Sarros x Donna Maya

smallforms seeks to support contemporary artists, whose music requires an attitude of listening

Doors: 19h30
Music: 20h


Wolfgang Fuchs – turntables
Veronika Mayer – electronics
Lale Rodgarkia-Dara –electroacoustics, text

Verzehrt sich in diesem Trio das Geräusch nach seinem Ebenbild?
SARROS ist hartnäckig und beharrt auf Zwischenräumen, erschafft so die Grundlage für konzentriertes Musizieren in verheißungsvollen Details. Was zwischen den Klangpartikeln der 3 MusikerInnen entsteht, kostet spontan den Augenblick aus, tilgt die Zeit und bleibt kurz vor der Auflösung begriffen immer noch kompakt.

– der kurze moment der freiheit von jeglicher risikoabwägung absehen zu können –

as part of: smallforms sessions
we take one day to record in place a short work
and in the evening we open the doors for a live presentation.
production, creativity and social exchange.

curated by Gustavo Petek


Transfering airwaves into music

Donna Maya explores the potential of the theremin and connects it to vivid multi-layers of sound samples, grooving bass lines and distinct rhythms. Her music navigates between noisy textures, tonal progressions and narrative phrases, continuously interacting together and constantly moved by the beat.

Donna Maya literally holds the music in her hands. The theremin that is played without any physical contact produces sounds that depends on her movements. Sometimes it sounds like a human voice while in the next moment it is growling and creating noisy textures.

Donna Maya also composed for philharmonic orchestra and DJ as well as making music for soundtracks like the movie „kurz und schmerzlos“ by Fatih Akin. |

as part of: smallforms (o)
something good that follows a series of other fortunate events
or: the bottomless pit that may lead to the underworld (or hell).
live electronics, spoken word, spinning tunes, sweet stuff of pop culture.

curated by Alisa Beck

smallforms sessions ist von SKE gefördert

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