Smallforms w/ Sturmherta x Matte/Glossy

★ Covid-Präventionsmaßnahmen: Entrance with 2-G-PLUS (vaccinated + PCR-Test). Please register via ★
the monthly series of smallforms seeks to support contemporary and experimental forms of music which require an attitude of listening. in collaboration with the artspace Chateau Rouge
Friday February 25th 2022
Doors: 19h30
Music: 20h00
★ Matte/Glossy
Behind Matte/Glossy hides Violeta, a former punk singer with classical vocal training, who starts Matte/Glossy in Vienna in 2017 with the intention of learning to produce pop songs on her own. After spending time as a singer for several Madrid punk bands (Las Cruces, Primer Premio) she decides to try her hand at pop, but without abandoning her DIY spirit. Inspired by artists like Aldous Harding, Soap & Skin, María Arnal, Fiona Apple… and from her room with her computer and a couple of instruments she starts writing songs. Compositions that give a twist to the traditional pop structures, without losing the catchy melodies and adding a halo of darkness thanks to the infinite harmonies and dissonances that accompany her voice, her main instrument of creation and undoubted protagonist of her music. The visual aspect is very important in Matte/Glossy. Violeta makes her own costumes for concerts and collaborates with graphic and visual artists to develop her artistic universe.
Her first performance was in June 2018 at the Praha Art Gallery in Brno (Czech Republic). In autumn 2018 she released her EP „First Recordings“ in tape format under the Viennese DIY label Yakamoz and toured Spain and Austria. She has released her debut album in July 2021 under the labels Numavi Records (Vienna) and Snap Clap Club (Barcelona).
★ Sturmherta
While exploring unknown sonic territories, Sturmherta uses glitch, noise and flickering electronic sounds, combined with stroboscopic visuals to create an abstract simulation of reality.
The current AV-Set deals with formations of matter and energy, influenced by time and gravity, resulting in genesis of complex matter, life and technology. High contrast, monochromatic visuals combined with sharp, electric sounddesign.
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smallforms is a platform and music label for contemporary and experimental forms of music which require an attitude of listening. the monthly series consists of recording sessions in the afternoon and concert/live set in the evening (curated by gustavo petek) joining forces with electronic allies, spoken word, spinning tunes or sweet stuff of pop culture (curated by alisa beck) that may lead to the underworld (or hell).
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von SKE, bmkoes und der Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien.

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