Smallforms w/Tobias Leibetseder x Elizabeth Ward/Özgür Sevinç

The monthly series of smallforms seeks to support contemporary and experimental forms of music which require an attitude of listening.

in collaboration with the artspace

Friday 6th December
Doors: 20h
Music: 20h30

★ Tobias Leibetseder – Tiefen Wasser Fels
Synthesizer, Instruments, Electronics, Field recordings

Tobias Leibetseder, lives and works in Vienna
Engages in his work with the aspects of space and transformation.
Studied jazz / fusion guitar at the American Institute of Music. Studied architecture at the Vienna University of Technology. Studied computer music and electronic media at the Institute for Electroacoustics at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Studies media composition and computer music at the Anton Bruckner University in Linz. Works in the field of electro-acoustic music, sound art, radio art, radioplay, graphics, design, media art.

★ Elizabeth Ward and Özgür Sevinç

All Inclusive- Has this world got you down?
Shitty working conditions? Construction overhead?
Creditors banging down the door? Holiday canceled because of war? Season depression syndrome setting in?
Fuck that shit, let’s celebrate!

Performance by Elizabeth Ward and Özgür Sevinç


smallforms is a platform and music label for contemporary and experimental forms of music which require an attitude of listening. the monthly series consists of recording sessions in the afternoon and concert/live set in the evening (curated by gustavo petek) joining forces with electronic allies, spoken word, spinning tunes or sweet stuff of pop culture (curated by alisa beck) that may lead to the underworld (or hell).

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von SKE, BKA und der Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien.

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