Smallforms w/ Voiler x dieb13

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the monthly series of smallforms seeks to support contemporary and experimental forms of music which require an attitude of listening.

in collaboration with the artspace

Saturday 22nd August 2020
Doors: 20h
Music: 20h30
★ Voiler
„With a sweet and bitter kiss on sweaty hands Voiler takes us through deserted wastelands and the cool depth of foggy woods deep into the rush of a pulsing beat and discomforting desires. Beyond a veil of ecstatic synths there’s metal pounding down on a hot blade while on the horizon giant creatures or machines are dashing through faded landscapes. We are whipped out of the binary and spread across a dim color spectrum where a broken dance lures us with a promise of bliss. Voiler picks us up and crashes us down seeking care and cruelty, comfort and confrontation, oscillating between liberation and control. Originally conceived as a sound piece for Elizabeth Ward’s performance Dancing’s Demons at TQW Vienna in early 2020 and edited into three new mixes for this release, Voiler’s debut 000 will be out on tape via Cut Surface on August 21, 2020.“ — Tony Renaissance
★ dieb13 – interlockdown kleptosonics
„…surprisingly tasteful turntable sonics.“ — Santa Barbara Independent
„… hat schon als Zehnjähriger am Kassettenrecorder den Löschknopf mit Alu-Folie umwickelt, um Schichten übereinander aufzunehmen.“ — Der Standard
„Wenn auf der Bühne Plattenspieler und Synthesizer stehen aber niemand tanzt und der Musiker damit beschäftigt ist, drohende Katastrophen immer wieder knapp zu verhindern, kann der Abend als gelungen betrachtet werden.“ —
smallforms is a platform and music label for contemporary and experimental forms of music which require an attitude of listening. the monthly series consists of recording sessions in the afternoon and concert/live set in the evening (curated by gustavo petek) joining forces with electronic allies, spoken word, spinning tunes or sweet stuff of pop culture (curated by alisa beck) that may lead to the underworld (or hell).
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von SKE, bmkoes und der Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien.


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