SMS means......

March 1st
Doors: 8 pm
Concerts and performances: 8.30 pm

SMS is an exciting and dazzling art experience. It consists of a series of multidisciplinary events, that encourage diverse art forms exploring marginalized perspectives. At the space Château Rouge, artists, performers and musicians from various backgrounds collaborate to create works that interact and evolve together, fostering synergies and cross-genre projects.

Kindly supported by MA7, BMKOES & SKE
Dresscode: fancy or chic

ContextCocktail by Alexandru Cosarca


Abu Gabi – synthesizer, electronics, prepared guitar, voice, feedback
Klimentina Li – live visuals, lights

Distorted bodies echoing between fragility and empowerment. In their collaborative audiovisual show Klimentina Li and Tanja Fuchs alias Abu Gabi entangle shifts between dissection and deconstruction of hyper-intimate portraits. The aim is to invite the observer as well as themselves to question the ownership and limits of bodies merging between the known and unfamiliar. In distortion we meet.


BEX, is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Hailing from Ghana and now making her mark in Vienna, she brings a unique blend of influences, lyrical prowess and unwavering determination. Her journey as an artist has been one of constant evolution from the very beginning. From laying the foundations of her unique sound in 2021 and combining her confidence with just the right amount of explicitness she’s got the sound that makes you pause reality and vibe into her fantasy.

BEX released her debut EP ‚Bundles‘ in 2023 and has since won the XA Award, she has carved out her own niche in no time.
Her vision extends far beyond the borders of Vienna, and one thing is certain: BEX always delivers the unexpected.


For more than 20 years, Vienna based Joja has been on a mission to erode and break down barriers and frontiers with a focus on connecting elements of the structures beneath. Johanna Mayr-Keber is an architect, organises cultural events, releases music on the duzzdownsan labal and is host and DJ for La Boum De Luxe, a weekly radio show on FM4.
She prefers to spin music that is heavy on synth sounds accompanied with haunting vocals or rap. Joja is known to play with different genres, ranging from four-to-the-floor, hiphop, grime and noisey tunes.


STINA FORCE is a one-woman-punk band who simply has to be experienced live. No recordings of her music exist and no two performances are ever the same, with everything unfolding in the moment. And in those moments there is no escape. With improvised voice experiments, grotesque monologues and the raw beating of the drums, she first pins her audience Force-fully to the wall, then has it eating out of her hand. Toying deftly with stable and unstable state, Stina Force’s performances are tension-filled, full of wit, and power-packed with nerve-racking energy.



Sunny creates art that brings a feeling of self development and evaluation in one’s self. She shares her evolution of work by Exploring and playing with different Medians. Sunny started her journey with hair sculpting, creating a story through hair. Sunny now has evolved in her journey as a pole dancer and food fantasy performer. Creating new stores though movement and emotion.

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