SMS means......

May 17th
Doors: 6.30 pm
Concerts and performances: 7.30 pm

SMS means… is art that excites and dazzles. It is a series of multidisciplinary events that invite you to explore different art forms and marginalised perspectives. At the Château Rouge art space, artists, performers and musicians from diverse backgrounds come together to create works that respond to and transform each other. In this way, we channel synergies and cross-genre projects. SMS creates space for diversity, dialogue and collaboration that fosters a dynamic of inclusion.


Misonica (live)

Misonica as a Dj is a strong selector across times and spaces, fusing hidden gems from all over the world and obscure vocal tracks into a coherent, punchy mix between Industrial and EBM, Tribal and Cosmic or experimental sounds.
In her recently presented live sets, she works with field recordings, ambient noises and her voice. They engage with a larger narrative, and guide us into imaginary realms, opening auratic spaces that we can walk in.

Bishop Black (performance)

Bishop Black (they/them) is a Black British porn performer, sex worker, theater performer, director and all-round charmer. They currently live in Berlin. Being in the adult industry for over 10 years, they have worked with some of the industry’s most provocative figures including Venice Biennale artist Shu Lea Cheang, directors Bruce LaBruce and Erika Lust. In their stage and screen performances Bishop regularly addresses themes of sexual fluidity and race using mythology, occultism, queerness and dance. They have just finished a theatre run of their first Director debut at the Ballhaus Naunynstrasse in Berlin.

Dr. Obaro Ejimiwe (live)

Dr Obaro Ejimiwe is an artist and musician who explores themes related to African spiritualism, colonisation, masculinity, identity and black joy in his work. He has released five albums under the moniker of Ghostpoet; since 2021, he has expanded his practice into the visual arts. His body of work encompasses sound, sculpture, installation, photography, and video.

Angel (live)

Born in Zimbabwe and now based in Austria, ÆNGL emerged into the music scene after winning a regional talent show, catching the attention of Sony Music. Her breakout performance at Vienna`s Pop Fest in 2022 propelled her into the spotlight, solidifying her presence in the Viennese music scene. Notably, her EP “Down Low” earned her a nomination for Best Sound at the Austrian Amadeus Awards that same year.

Now, with her upcoming EP Heaven ÆNGL is exploring electronic music while maintaining her signature blend of pop, house, techno, and drum and bass. Dedicated to her fans, whom she affectionately calls the Bratz, ÆNGL strives to create a safe and inclusive space through her music and art.

Tonica Hunter (DJ-set)

Tonica Hunter is a curator, lecturer and DJ.

Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe (video performance)

Video installation by Elisabeth Bakambamba tambwe with Music composed by Ursula Winterauer and shoot by Jo Molitoris.

As an artist, choreographer and stage director, she works with a variety of forms of writing: performance, choreography, film, interactive and generative, as well as different dramaturgies and spaces such as installations and stages. She is interested in the emergence of new forms of otherness, and the singular relationships and languages they give rise to. What do they reveal about our humanity, and how do they challenge the notion of anthropocentrism? Her projects are transdisciplinary and collective, and seek to invent shared research spaces between performance art and the social sciences.

Entry: 8 – 10 EUR

Kindly supported by MA7, BMKOES & SKE
ContextCocktail by Alexandru Cosarca

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