Un séjour à Vienne - practice ball

I, Timothy 007, am honored to invite you at my first function, Un séjour à Vienne*.
Based in paris, coming regularly to the functions in Vienna and trying my best to support the scene, I took the occasion of the ball to celebrate this connection…

We know that walking a function could be intimidating. That’s why this ball is meant for practice, with a little attendance. We want to keep it small and family! Bring your boo, and your friends, as long as they respect the contestants and keep the ballroom mood up!

Maybe it’s your occasion to walk your first function, or to go out of your comfort zone and try out new categories! Also you may never think that you could one day even walk, so this is your time!
We will keep it ballroom so there will be a panel, but we will keep it family mood! in order to keep it fun and out of pressure, it will stay loose, especially regarding the outfits.

Damage: 3 euros for contestants, 5 euros for spectators

Judges: Mother Katrin Vivi
Dada Vivi
Eric Abrogoua
DJ: Karin Cheng




You are the model on the next Mannerschnitte advertisement’s poster. The all Austria will soon discover that gorgeous face. Bring it with any Manner Werbematerial, or outfit you like, but mandatory with a Mannerschnitte in your hand: give us a desire for Mannerschnitte! Seduce the judges with your iconic features and your infectious smile!

Contestants are called to walk separately according to their ballroom gender presentation: male figure (anybody presenting male features: cis men or Butch Queens, butch girls or drag kings, transmen), female figure (the feminine version: cis women, drag queens, trans women or Fem Queens in proper ballroom terminology), non binary



Thug vs Executive

We call male figure, but also female figure to convince the panel as a thug or an Executive. Thug vs Executive is a classic ballroom category. As a thug, bring it as prisoner (remember, it is not all prisoner who wear orange one piece – it is not the case in Austria for instance).
As an executive, bring it as lawyer (they are also not always dressed in a robe, you can bring it in a regular suit as men or a tailleur for women). Realness is all about details: take your time and figure out the look and the attitude of a prisoner, and what can be found if we open the attaché case of a lawyer. And if nothing comes to your mind, watch a TV program!

Female figure realness

We call Fem Queens and Drag Queens to walk Female Figure Realness. Remember: in ballroom we are not judging the person you are, but your work to become this person. We don’t want to see perfect plastic, but attitudes. Show us how you embody femininity, how feminine you are.



All American Runway (the „masculine“ walk)

The French Yellow vest are teaching us each Saturday for more than 9 months: Fluo is the new black!
We wanna see outfits made full of fluo, or with fluo details, in one color or any combination you like. Bring it to the runway and show us what fashion understands from the present times!

European runway (the „feminine“walk)

No comment needed right?
Remind us of this moment that let us smile for a bit in those darken political ages. Could be a mention, a summer or clubing outfit…
We open two separate categories: big girls, apart from the slim girls

Best dress

Open to all, „spectators“ – your cutties, beloved, fans, family, friends – are welcome to be no spectators anymore and let their fashion instinct go.
We are not calling for a beautiful piece or two, but for outfits. Ready to wear or home made, building an outfit means different thing, among them: coherence of the ensemble in terms of fashion, situation in the trend and the history of fashion. We don’t want a dissertation or thing which takes the trend as a box and feels comfy in it, but we have to be fashion police still. So we also expect you to pay attention to the season.
We want to see your personality revealed thanks to an outfit. We are expecting you to sell this outfit to the panel: it takes time to see details, be sure the judges won’t miss them. Take also some steps beyond for them to appreciate the ensemble. So please no crazy walk, no acrobatic steps – this is NOT a dance category! – and no grandiloquent tricks here, unless the trick is part of the outfit! But know the shit you are selling, honey, and sell it!



Vogue Fem: Twister vs Sisters

Twister category is for men you will read as straight dudes right outta the venue. They may embody this strong masculinity, the one which take too much space or be more discret, here is a fact: they pass as straights. They get into the ball, the security sees them and be like „hey guys we let you in, but we keep an eye on you“. So they pass, right? Once the Ha Dance start to pump… the queens discover that Wow, indeed, there was something, something very… pussy, cunt, meooow waiting for a beat! Hum hum, becomes interesting dah’ling!

To get your ten’s in that category you have to convince the judges that you are real as a male figure first (no need to play the thug, just be… a man!). For a second passage you will get a vogue beat, now show us what you got, in the inside!
We call all Male figure to walk performance as twister. Bring it in a work suit for realness. Any kind of work. Find a sexy twist for your ten’s in vogue! Could be a slight node on your shirt or something more… hot. Changing flat shoes to heels is permitted.

The Sisters are from the same family as the Twisters. They will get their ten’s and then battle their Brothers the twisters.
We call Female figure (Drag queens, Fem Queens, Cis Women) to enter this category and get ready to battle the boys.
No specific outfit for this category, but this is not class tho, so bring in sexy like in a cute mini short or a skirt, something that your catwalk could sell advantageously.

Pop Spin and Dip: the Old way

Old way is usually considered as the original form of voguing dance. Before saying Old way, we said Pop Spin and Dip. We expect you to give some strength in your move, “pop”, twirl “spin” and reach the floor with both hands, “dip. In Old way you can touch, you can block, you can grab your opponent: It is a form of dance born from the meeting of martial art and posing, like in vogue magazine. Execute it well, show some confidence and class, and catch the beat!
Theme for tonight is: Life is more fun with sun glasses!
Bring it with sunglasses. Wether it is the big bee eyes from the fashionistas, the cycling sunglasses of the SS 2019 or the elegant and intemporel model from a business man, or even a steampunk model you finally bought yesterday after seeing one of those instagram’s ad, create mystery around your eyes. You can play with your prop, but if you are afraid of it to fall, fix it around your head, we don’t want to clean the floor after you!

New way

New way is an evolution of Pop Spin and Dip, created in a way by Paris is burning masquotte and true ballroom Pioneer Willi Ninja. New way is more about clearness of your lines and boxes, about your clicks and about your confidence, your attitude and how you catch this beat than just about flexibility: New way is not a hobby for gymnast, it’s a moment of VOGUE!
No specific outfit for this category, let yourself try this out. New way category is gonna be featured at next Eatslaylove function, so who knows!

Feel free to reach the promoter for any further information.

*A journey in Vienna

Termin Details